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I CAN ACCOMPLISH is one of India's finest online guidance and counselor agencies targeted towards the mental health of students as well as children with special needs. There is a severe lack of online counselling sessions for students in India, especially for students and children with special needs.

No longer do you need to travel far just to address a problem in your child's education? We bring a child counsellor to you instead. With our demo free counselling session , you can decide which plans suit your child the most. Our certified child psychologists and counsellors offer counseling sessions on improving a child's tolerance, attention, logical reasoning, and confidence. You can also avail yourself of modules that teach how to introduce a child to a multisensory learning approach through visual tools.

With us, find the perfect counsellor for school who specializes in mental health issues plaguing students of all ages as well as learning methods ideas for kids with disabilities. I CAN ACCOMPLISH is founded to provide counselling for students regarding all aspects of their life. Parents aren't left behind either, as I CAN ACCOMPLISH's parenting counseling makes sure parents can learn how to take care of and guide their disabled kids.

About Us

It is so good to be around children and contribute to their growing years. Although parenting is difficult, having a child with special needs or learning disabilities can be challenging. Such kinds of disabilities impact the mindset of the children. This affects their process of understanding things and making up information. They mostly suffer from neurological disorders that manifest themselves as difficulty listening, thinking, writing, speaking, spelling, or mathematical calculations. All children need love, encouragement, and support through free child counseling sessions. For kids with learning disabilities, a little positive reinforcement is required to help them emerge with a potential sense of self-worth, confidence, and the determination to keep going even when things are tough. We understand that being a parent of these children is even more demanding and needs parenting counseling. Is your child going through a learning disability? We at ‘I CAN ACCOMPLISH,’ would be happy to be at your child’s service. We also bring you the platform to enable all Special Education Needs (SEN) students and facilitate inclusive and integrated education to them. And hence, if any of your children are going through mild to moderate Autism (ASD), mild to moderate Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Down’s Syndrome, or having certain emotional and behavioral concerns, we bring skilled mental health professionals for your children at your service.

Why 'I can accomplish'

We, at I CAN ACCOMPLISH help your child develop by facilitating inclusive and integrated education with the help of a dynamic team of mental health professionals, Counsellors, and Special Educators who come with an amalgamation of knowledge and make use of of varied teaching modalities to help children meet their unique needs.

At, I CAN ACCOMPLISH, we Analyse and gauge the exact needs of the students and provide Individual free child counseling Sessions, parenting counseling, Remedial Sessions, and Parent-Child Counselling Sessions parent counseling on a virtual platform, and also a counselor for school. We believe in equality and so embrace and appreciate the uniqueness of all children, which is why, apart from SEN students, we cater to students dealing with emotional concerns keeping in mind the ever-changing physical, psychological and environmental factors in today’s world.


Assessment of the child’s abilities through Checklist

Curated Plan

Curated Individualised Education Plan to bolster and accelerate learning


Online one to one remediation and counselling sessions by qualified and experienced special educators

Complimentary counselling

sessions for parents to support children

Progress Mapping

Progress and Competency mapping at regular intervals

Enhancement of Abilities

Focus, Understand, Analyse, conclude and decide the relationship between ideas – logical reasoning


Just when your kids cross the 2-year mark, you know it’s time for them to giddy up for kindergarten! Their activeness knows no bounds and you feel they might be a right fit for kindergarten earlier than you thought. It is a moment of pride and joy, but at the same time a moment of confusion and fear, to watch them grow so fast! However, before you decide to start a kindergarten hunt for your little one, it is advisable to monitor your child’s developmental progress through a toddler assessment checklist. It consists of every stage of development that your child should be able to achieve at a given age. This list can be curated through a free child and parent counselling session plan by expert counsellors to help you track your child’s developmental growth!

A one-on-one counselling session with experienced counsellors and educators at I Can Accomplish will provide your child with an early childhood screening to examine his or her progress of various developmental activities in order to rule out any possible age-appropriate health or developmental limitations. Our free child and parent counselling session plan will be your virtual guide book which you can use to track, observe and tick mark the developmental milestones achieved by your toddler. In an alternative case, it will also suggest activities and methods in which you can accelerate the mental, physical and cognitive growth of your child. Skill development is an integral part of toddlerhood. With the world opening up to children, they are keen to indulge in various activities and get first-hand experience of what they see, hear, touch, feel and speak. It is their curiosity to explore that guides them through the developmental trajectory of their physical, mental, emotional, social and cognitive progress.

Every child is unique. If your child needs special guidance , we are here to assist you with just that. With our specially curated education plan, we ensure that your child’s learning never comes to a halt! With us, your child CAN ACCOMPLISH!

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36 Student Sessions
40 Minutes Each
4 FREE Assessment Sessions
6 FREE Parent Counselling Sessions
12 to 16 Weeks Duration
1 Progress Report

₹ 10,800

₹ 300/session

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72 Student Sessions
40 Minutes Each
4 FREE Assessment Sessions
12 FREE Parent Counselling Sessions
24 to 32 Weeks Duration
2 Progress Reports

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₹ 270/session


Dr. Madhuri
Dr. Madhuri. P. Sagale
Principal, Orchids The International School - Thane
Bro. Tomy Varghese
Bro. Tomy Varghese
Former Principal, St. George's College Mussoorie (2014 - 2020)
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Ms. Parveen Shaikh
Head of Outreach & Collaboration, Mpower
Guidance and Counselor
Dr Sapna Bangar
Head of Mpower –The Centre,Mumbai and Psychiatrist


Counselling Session For Students
Nehal Sequeira
Head, Counselling and Remediation
Special Education Needs
Sushmitha Ravichandran
Special Educator and Practicing Psychologist
Child Psychology And Development
Shravanee Nishikant Karnik
Counselling Psychologist
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Rashmi Chauhan
Senior Special Educator




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